Strengthening of Capacities of Port Ploče is an Added Value for BiH

Vjekoslav-bevanda-300x216Chairman of the Council of Ministers Vjekoslav Bevanda, today attended the opening of the construction works of the first phase of the terminal for liquid cargo in the Port of Ploče.

At the opening, Bevanda stressed the importance of this project to the economy of BiH.

He added that this business venture is a good model of how large projects can be realized through private-public partnership and as a kind of road map for the revitalization of ports in regard to European environmental and technological standards.

‘’Strengthening the capacity of the Port of Ploče is an added value for  BiH in terms of  recently signed a joint statement in Brussels on the interpretation and application of Article 11 of the Agreement on free transit through the territory of Croatia and from the port, which allows the export and import of goods from BiH through this port. To us in BiH and Croatia it is to make maximum use of the port facilities in favor of the development of our economy ‘’said Bevanda, announced by the Council of Ministers.


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