Strategic Forum for Cooperation between Police Agencies in BiH held

The BiH Brčko District Prosecutor’s Office is hosting a two-day meeting of the Strategic Forum for Co-operation between Prosecutor’s Offices and Police Agencies in BiH, which began today, on 16 September, in Brčko.

The Strategic Forum, which has already made a significant contribution to enhancing the cooperation of Prosecutor’s Offices and police agencies in BiH, is being held for the 16th time and is thematically dedicated to the institutions’ capacities and ongoing issues for dealing with war crimes cases and prosecution of corruption and organised crime cases, which is an ongoing topic of the Strategic Forum. The Chief Prosecutor of the BiH Brčko District Prosecutor’s Office Zekerija Mujkanović chaired the today’s meeting in which the Chief Prosecutor of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office Gordana Tadić, Acting Chief Prosecutor of the FBiH Prosecutor’s Office Tihomir Jurko and Chief Prosecutor of the RS Public Prosecutor’s Office Mahmut Svraka took part on behalf of the prosecutorial component. Heads of police agencies in BiH also took part in the meeting, namely Director of State Investigation and Protection Agency Perica Stanić, Director of RS Police Darko Čulum, Head of BiH Brčko District Police Goran Pisić and Chief Inspector-Head of Sarajevo Field Office of the Federation Police Directorate Mustafa Hujdurović.

The Strategic Forum meeting, which will continue tomorrow, is part of the activities conducted by the HJPC as part of the project “Strengthening Prosecutorial Capacities in the Criminal Justice System”, with financial support from the Government of Switzerland and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway.


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