The Story of a Woman from Sarajevo: She survived Clinical Death and worked at NASA

After her 21-year-old brother was seriously injured in the Army of BiH during the aggression on BiH, she managed to travel to the United States to help him recover from his surgery.

Just when she thought that they were saved by going to Atlanta, then seventeen-year-old Aida Karamesic survived new troubles. In a traffic accident just five days after her arrival in Atlanta, her skull and jaw were crushed to six parts and she experienced clinical death.

After several surgeries, a church heard about them and decided to help. Their new fight for a better life started then, and Aida could not even dream where her life will lead her later… So far, she worked at NASA, designed aircraft engines in the famous company “Pratt & Whitney”, and now, at the age of 41, she owns a successful company, thanks to which she accomplished her dream and now travels nine months a year. For that reason, many people consider Aida to be the happiest person in Atlanta…

“When they take everything away from you, you want more, you are trying harder and you get more. It was like that for me, my brother and I were alone in the US, without parents, I could not speak English back then either. But I tried so hard to have the best grades at school and college. My brother became a mechanical engineer, and I became an aircraft engineer,” said Aida.

“While studying, I participated in projects of designing a model for passenger planes, for a vehicle that goes to Mars… I designed the engines. I worked at NASA for two years and thanks to this, I got citizenship. At the beginning, I was not allowed to attend some meetings that are confidential in NASA. Later, they would tell me what was said at the meeting and I worked on those projects. I opposed to this, and then my boss arranged for me to take an oath immediately and I got citizenship already next day,” said this adventurous woman from Sarajevo.

So far, she visited 107 countries of the world, and as she said, she will travel as long as she can.

“I never know how long I will stay somewhere. I have never planned a lot in advance. However, I am now looking to visit those countries where I have not been already, and those are mostly some smaller islands that people rarely even heard of,” she said.

Besides the USA and BiH, Aida’s third home is Thailand, where she often goes to dive. She loves close encounters with sharks, and she often travels in order to dive with them. She says that she is not afraid of sharks and other animals, and the only feeling for her is excitement.

There is no end to extraordinary adventures of Aida Karamesic. In just a few days, she will depart from Sarajevo to Madagascar, and how long she will be there and when she will return to her home in the US, she does not know. As she says, she never knows where the road will take her.

(Source: faktor.ba)



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