The Story about a Terrace with the most beautiful View of Sarajevo

trebevicOne of the most beautiful panoramic views of Sarajevo stretches from the terrace of the former restaurant “Vidikovac” on Trebević.

When the cable car for Trebević was put into operation in 1959, the restaurant “Vidikovac” was opened at the sightseeing point located at 1.160 meters above sea level.

When leaving the cable car, the guests would directly find themselves in the beautiful and sun-bathed garden of the restaurant within which the bridge for reception of cabins was situated.

In 12 minutes of cable car ride, you could come drink coffee on the beautiful terrace, enjoy the view or take a walk and breathe the fresh air, because the dense coniferous forest extends all the way to the first settlements on that side of the Miljacka River.

Because of the price of the cable car ride, this trip was not cheap, but it was worth the price.

Today, unfortunately, there is no restaurant and no cable car. Only ruins and old pictures testify to the past times.

People can only hope that the City of Sarajevo will build a new cable car, as they promised.

This restaurant is also mentioned in the song by Bato Kovač and Žarko Roja Četiri mladića (Four Young Boys), sang by Zlatan Fazlagić Fazla.


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