The Story of Returnees in Vlasenica: How the Disease of the Son saved Everyone’s lives?

October 29, 2017 3:00 PM

Since they returned to their native Vlasenica, Alen and Meliha Dzindo were trying to make some money in every way possible in order to provide their children with normal living conditions.

They tried so hard to start their life from scratch in a town from which they were exiled during the aggression on BiH, but nothing seemed to work. And then, three years ago, their eldest son Tarik got sick. Desperate and without any money for his medication and treatment, they did not even realize that thanks to his illness, they will be engaged in the breeding of donkeys and making a good living from it.

“Some farms were selling whatever because they do not have enough of donkey’s milk, so they mix something in it. Nobody wanted to sell me fresh milk, but only frozen one. Then I decided to buy a donkey to give Tarik the milk that he needed so much,” recalled Alen.

His son was healed only after a few days of drinking this milk.

“That was unbelievable. He was feeling better right away. We thought to sell a donkey, but when we saw how our neighbors are asking for milk when they heard of Tarik’s case, we decided to leave it. We did not think about any kind of business, we thought it was funny for us to have a donkey, but we are making our living from this now,” said Alen.

Soon, they started extending the family of their donkeys, and today, they have 17 of them on their small farm near their house, together with two ponies, a horse, two cows and two goats.

This family is planning to extend their business in the upcoming period by buying more donkeys, however, Dzindo says that it is difficult because there are not many left out there.

“I am trying to buy them for quite some time now, but I cannot find them. I heard that there are some in Ruma in Serbia, so I will go there,” he said, adding that no matter how many of them he has, the one who cured his son will always be special.

“Considering the fact that these animals have a lifespan of about 40 years and they will most likely live long after I am gone, I will ask my children to raise a special monument for our first donkey. That’s what she deserves,” stated Alen Dzindo.



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