Story on Bosnian Wand, the newly established Airline in Bosnia and Herzegovina

BWBosnian Wand Airlines is a newly established airline in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With headquarter in Sarajevo, our airline will provide an unique opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful European cities directly from Sarajevo. Our goal is not only winning the European sky but also to create a link to destinations in Asia.

By focusing on travelers, their safety and comfort during the flight, we want  Bosnian Wand Airlines  to become a recognizable national brand on aviation market. We believe that such a path is possible. On what basis, many of people will wonder, especially if you are starting to build an airline in BiH. According to the research of the world’s experts Bosnia and Herzegovina is  great ground for investment. In their opinion, our country, as the heart of Europe, due to its geographical location is considered to be a suitable place in the field of air transport.

Although we are  young company we have set ourselves firm goals in near future and we plan to fly to 60 destinations all over the world. Now, when we start, our aircrafts Airbus A 320 and the Airbus A 321, with a choice of business and economy class, will go straight to the European and Asian destinations: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Göteborg, Athens, Jeddah, Baghdad, Tehran, Najaf, Sulaymaniyah and Erbil.

Following  changes in the world and keeping up with them we will create a  good possibilty  for permanent success .

Connection that will be established from Sarajevo to important destinations in the world is the result of a serious commitment and desire to build a functional  airline network. And not only that, an important aspect of our system, which is under construction, also represents attracting of  tourists from Asia to come and experience Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We want all our clients to feel like they are a part of our family, our company.

If you give us your trust, we will not disappoint you!


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