Story about the Hero from BiH who saved Nine Lives

July 14, 2018 12:00 PM

Zoran Mijic had five rescued lives recorded in the month of December 2016. Since then, this hero from Kozarska Dubica saved another four lives.

“This ninth time happened on Sunday. I was jogging and passing by an amusement park. I noticed some noise and that one child unbuttoned his belt and started falling off the rails. I ran from about 10 meters distance and managed to catch him and save him in the last minute. His parents were happy, as well as the people who were there, and they congratulated me and said that there is a trouble wherever I go, but that they are lucky to have me since I prevented a tragedy to happen nine times,” said Mijic.

Mijic received awards and recognitions in every part of BiH and he proudly stated that he was rewarded by the representatives of all three largest religions in BiH.

“I received 50 recognitions, two medals, a medal of merit for the people, the award of Nezavisne, the award “Pride of BiH” in Mostar as well as numerous awards from ministries from both entities. I will represent BiH in Dublin on December 21 at the major meeting of humanists. I am honored to represent BiH,” said Mijic.

He donated all the money he received as a prize to Bosniak and Serb families. Names mean nothing to him. “For me, man is a man, and religion and nation are not important at all. I help whenever I can,” said Mijic.

He said that he is in touch with the people he saved, and that young football player from Prijedor is celebrating his birthday.

“I can say that I am in touch with everyone. A little football player from Prijedor celebrates my birthday on March 8. Two young girls from Germany that I also saved contact me every time they come here,” stated Mijic.

“I think that I can be an example to everyone. We should help everyone, regardless of their religion and nation. I helped people with all the money I received. If I was employed, I believe that my humanity would not have borders. I would like everyone to help people in need, because these times are very difficult,” noted Mijic.








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