Story about Bosnian who has been searching for his Twin Brother for 25 Years

November 22, 2018 4:30 PM

Young engineer of mining from Banovici, Muris Demirovic, is looking for his twin brother. The two of them were born on May 22, 1991, in the hospital in Tuzla and they were urgently transferred to Belgrade, at the Institute for the Protection of Mother and Child due to their premature birth.

Babies were transferred to Belgrade in a helicopter, and their parents did not know anything.

“We were in the Belgrade hospital for twenty days. From the clinic were saying that everything was fine. Suddenly, they just informed my father that one child died. He never got any documentation on his death, or any information on where my brother was buried,” said Muris.

That fact gives hope to Muris that his older twin brother might still be alive.

The search for the truth in Belgrade led him to Vladimir Cicarevic, the president of the Association of Parents of Missing Babies, who is searching for justice in Serbia for years. It is suspected that more than 10,000 babies went missing in Serbia since the 1960’s.

“Vladimir helped me a lot. He took me to the hospital and the burial companies. Last year, at the end of November, I received a confirmation that convinced me even more that my brother is still alive,” noted Muris.

He received a certificate in which was stated that in the period from May 22, to June 22, 1991, there was no male baby with the surname Demirovic buried in a Belgrade cemetery.

He also tried to get some information on what happened to his brother in the police in Belgrade and Tuzla. However, he had no success. They did not have any data on baby Demirovic.

“I will not give up. I am trying to get some information through social networks. I believe that my brother is still alive,” said Muris.



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