Story About Boško and Admira Provoked Strong Emotions in Japan

boško i admiraThe Japanese TV network presented the premiere of a documentary on Boško and Admira, the Sarajevo version of Romeo and Juliet. It was filmed by a Japanese team in Sarajevo with B&H actors.

The team of ”World Astonishing News”, of the Japanese TV network, was in Sarajevo around 20 days ago where they filmed parts of a documentary that was directed by Shunsuke Morita.

The documentary was filmed in more than 30 locations throughout Sarajevo and it was synchronized in the Japanese language. Rijad Gvozden, one of the actors in the film, watched the premiere of the movie through a videolink and thinks that they did a good job.

”The film conveys emotion and people empathize with the characters in the movie, especially with Admira and Boško, who were deprived of life, love and freedom in such as cruel way. Watching a movie in which we all speak Japanese, I felt emotion, and to some extent fear for something like this to never happen again. When you take away someone’s happiness and deprive them of their happiness, then you can kill that person because that person is not among the living any longer. I am glad that the world is still speaking of us, of people that lived through the most horrible days in Sarajevo. These movies, these stories that the world is speaking of us has to be a lesson that we do not bring ourselves in a situation where we hate one another simply because we belong to a different people”, said Rijad Gvozden for klix.ba.

The tragic story of Sarajevo’s Romeo and Juliet, of Admira Ismić and Boška Bate Brki, who died on 18 May 1993, provoked strong emotions among Japanese viewers. Director Morita said that during filming his colleagues were crying when they listened to the story of this young couple that were killed while trying to escape from besieged Sarajevo.

According to unofficial data, 15 million people watched the premiere last night.

(Source: klix.ba)

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