Stormy Wind caused Damage in Bosnia

The stormy wind that blew in Prijedor during the day uprooted and knocked down an old spruce tree about fifteen meters high.

The tree collapsed on one of the city streets near the “Elektrodistribucija” building next to several cars, but there was no major damage or injuries.

One of the residents from the surrounding buildings said that she heard a roar and then the felling of a tree, and that she watched everything from her terrace.

“Only luck saved a few pedestrians who noticed that the tree was swaying and would fall, and they quickly took off from the street,” she added.

Members of the Territorial Fire Brigade Prijedor soon cut down the remains of the fallen tree and removed them from the street. TVJ Commander Nebojsa Miljusa said that it was the only intervention of firefighters on this windy day.

Yesterday, at the crossroads near the building of the Government of the Republika Srpska in Banja Luka, a strong wind broke a tree, which fell on two vehicles, which were standing at the traffic light, BHRT writes.

(Photo: Srna)

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