The Stone of Peace unveiled Today in the National Museum

stone peace BiH japan presentToday, during the presentation of the Stone of Peace from Hiroshima, an exhibition of the Japanese Association “The Stone for Peace” was opened in the National Museum of BiH. In May 1991, the Association “The Stone for Peace” was founded in Hiroshima, which ever since has been promoting the peace mission by donating this stone to the cities of Europe and the world as symbols of peace from Hiroshima.

The Stone of Peace, donated by the city of Hiroshima to the city of Sarajevo, was solemnly unveiled today in the botanical garden of the National Museum in Sarajevo.

The stone was discovered by the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka, and the president of the Association “The Stone of Peace” from Hiroshima Michio Umemoto. The ceremony was attended by Ambassador of Japan to BiH Kazuya Ogawa.

Namely, Sarajevo is the 111th city of Europe and as well as the world that will took over the stone of peace from Hiroshima.

In each panel a character of the Japanese goddess Kannon and the word “From Hiroshima” is carved and it was needed 10,000 people and seven years of work to make up all the stone blocks.

This stone is one of the 200 authentic stones by which the streets in Hiroshima were paved, and on which the atomic bomb was thrown on August 6th, 1945, at 08.15.

The stone from Hiroshima is a granite panel 50 cm high weighting 50 kg. Panel is one of the 200 stone fragments extracted under the tram tracks at Aioi Bridge, which was only 200 meters north of the explosion site.


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