Stjepan Biletic is One of the Four Blacksmiths who knows to Shoe an Egg!

Seventy-one years old Stjepan Biletic is one of the four blacksmiths in Kresevo who knows to shoe an egg.

The egg symbolizes the beginning of life, and shed egg means happiness and well-being.

Biletic wants this old craft to be recognized by UNESCO as a part of world cultural heritage.

It’s an Easter tradition requiring a blacksmith to decorate an eggshell by nailing on it a miniature iron horseshoe.

But Biletic works all year long. His shod eggs, which sell for 3.0 to 7.5 euros ($3.30 to $8.40) per piece, help him make ends meet as a retired teacher. But more than money, he wants to maintain a tradition he believes should be preserved.

Started in the 18th century, the practice was designed to test and show the virtuosity of blacksmith apprentices.

“The shod egg was at the time analyzed by the masters. If it was intact, if the shell was not damaged, they would extend the hand to the apprentice to congratulate him,” and thereby welcome him into the fellowship, said Biletic, Al Arabiya reports.

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