Stefan Maletic received the Award for Courage

Stefan MaleticMayor of Bijeljina Mico Micic organized a reception for twenty-eight years old fellow citizen Stefan Maletic who saved a fourteen-year-old boy from drowning in the lake in the etno-village “Stanisici”.

“Maletic showed courage and humanity and gave a positive example to everyone to help others in need,” said Micic, adding that the boy survived only thanks to him and the people who came to help.

The boy was staying on the finals of pioneer football championship, when during the lunch break he went into the lake where, according to witnesses, his phone previously dropped.

“Two boys came to me and told me that their friend is drowning in the lake. When I got there, a young man, who happened to be there by chancr, was already waist-deep in the water, but he could not grab him. He showed me where he was, and I just instantly dived in the water and pulled him to the shore,” said Maletic.

He says that the boy was unconscious and they were reanimating him until the arrival of the ambulance.

“I did something that I think it is the obligation of every human being, to help another person in trouble. We were lucky that we had a doctor in the etno-village who immediately started with reanimation, and we met ambulance on our way to the hospital and they took care of the boy,” stated Maletic.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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