Statement of US Ambassador Patrick Moon on Presentation of Expert Group Final Recommendations for FBiH Constitutional Reform

May 31, 2013 3:14 PM

moonAfter several months of consultation that led to the goal of improving the FBiH, it is expected that the elected officials of the FBiH will solve the problem of the lack of functionality and high costs that are the result of the Constitution, and to improve functionality, efficiency and the cost effectiveness of the FBIH, according to a written statement of the US Ambassador to BiH Patrick Moon.

He recalls that consultations in the reform process of the FBiH Constitution lasted several months with individuals, groups and government officials whose goal was to improve the FBiH.

After these consultations, on 15 May a conference was held in which the expert group presented its recommendations to the representatives of civil society and legal experts, and feedback of the expert group was used in order to further refine the recommendations.

The experts delivered the final recommendations to the Federation Parliament, in the expectation that Parliament will act upon them, said in Moon’s written statement.

“The United States Government strongly supports these recommendations as a path to improved governance, a big step toward strengthening democracy and a way to provide better services to all citizens of the Federation’’, said Moon in his statement.

Moon added that there is no doubt that voters will evaluate the actions of officials in connection with these recommendations in the elections next year, and the US government supports the proposals that would lead to a better management system, as a big step towards strengthening democracy in a way where BiH citizens would receive better services.

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