State-protected Monument completely demolished in Livno



Livno is one of the oldest cities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and therefore one of the cities with rich cultural, historical and monumental heritage, with numerous towers and fortresses.

In fact, the entire Old Town complex has been a state-protected monument since 2004. But despite this fact, its cultural treasure is increasingly decaying.

The famous Cincil’s Tower is demolished these days, one of the few remaining towers that has not been inhabited for a long time, and which in recent years, and especially last year, collapsed well enough to have its roof fall in September and become danger to surrounding homes and passersby.



But instead of finding resources and protecting the tower, it was destructed.

Cincil’s tower, as it is called, was built in the Ottoman era, and is known for having been one of the first Livno schools in which Silvia Strahimir Kranjcevic lived and taught.

Foundries considered this tower one of the most significant cultural monuments.

The grandfather of the famous painter Gabriel Jurkic also lived there, and in 1853 the Austrian consular agency was also in the tower. After 1886, and the School of Commerce as well.

“The Cincil’s Tower is on all the postcards of Livno. This definitely destroyed one of the symbols of the city and one unique monument of culture. Unfortunately, this is neither the first nor the last cultural crop in this beautiful town, which many of us are very proud of,” famous Livno artist and musician Ivica Propadalo wrote in his comments on the tower’s demolition, Avaz news portal reports.



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