Started the Second 3D Street Art Festival – Concrete Fest

Beton-fest-Sarajevo-2012Early this morning, the artists gathered around the Concrete Fest loans have started to paint the sidewalks of Sarajevo, offering to citizens for the second time a unique esthetic event.

 At the Square of children Sarajevo, in front of BBI center, today has officially started the Concrete fest, for the second time 3D Street Art Festival Concrete fest organized by the Association for the Development of Culture and Art ” Progress ” and will last until 1st September.

“The goal is to get closer to a new technique 3D art that can be viewed through the lens of camera, in order to have human interaction, to participate together in what artists can create. Our wish is that this art to spread in the world – said in a statement for news agencies Fena, Zlatko Šljivnjak from the Association for the Development of Culture and Art “Progress”.

Šljivnjak is a student of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, department of industrial design, so he is already into 3D technology, several types of chalk and sprays.

“I want to learn from other artists, but also to bring up the knowledge of 3D”, said Šljivnjak and explained that 3D pictures can be done with chalk, oil and durable colors.

Concrete fest will be held in four locations, and those are BBI Center, Vilsonovo Šetaliste, the Square of children Sarajevo and in front of the Cathedral.

Last year the festival was visited by more than 70.000 people, ad even this year during the festival, Sarajevo will host a large number of fans and curious 3D street art.

The Program of festival is rich, and it is not just the painting on the concrete. Tonight at 20 pm at the Club ” Kriterion ” will be held a lecture on this type of art, how it is created, what is essentially that art and what is the destination of this art.

In collaboration with the dance club ” Romantik ” will be held a concert of the band BasicS, salsa and Činčila, hip hop party, and tomorrow is planned the humanitarian concert of the band Činčika and funds will be given as donation to Denis Bart .

During this weekend at the Vislonovo Šetaliste will be held a Competition. On Saturday it will be individual competitors while on Sunday is planned the team competition.

Individual competitors will win valuable prizes, Prestigio MultiRunner 710X, camera “car video recorder “, 16GB USB Drive Leather of the same producer.

The support for the communication between the artists of festival gave the Izi mobile, the only virtual mobile operator in B&H.

Apart from the street painting festival in Netherlands, this is the second festival of this kind in the world.

This art genre in America has introduced Kurt Wenner and currently is relevant in the world.

This kind of festival brings together young artists around the world which by participating in festivals share knowledge, skills and experience.

Traditionally Street Painting Festival (street painting) is being done on the sidewalks of the main squares of the city, and the intention of painting in the main squares is attracting the attention of people who pass by, in large number.

(Source: Fena)


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