SSF: Shaderwan Code had an excellent concert in Sarajevo

Shaderwan Code 02On the second night of Sarajevo Sevdah Fest, band Shaderwan code had a two hour concert which started with sevdalinka “jednom poznatom Sarajliji, Gazi Husrev-begu”, followed by “Puče puška”,”Oj Munira, gdje ti je Muharem”.

Then they performed better known sevdalinkas “Sejdefu majka buđaše”, “Niz polje idu, babo, sejmeni”, “Džafer-beg” and also Macedonian folk song ‘Jano , more’ and rearranged songs of Zabranjeno Pušenje band ‘Lijepa Alma’ and ‘Dok čekaš sabah sa šejtanom’.

The concert finished with song ‘Kad procvatu behari’ by Šaban Gadžo and after the concert finished the audience demanded more, and then they played some more sevdalinkas.

After the cooperation of the band Zabranjeno pušenje and the Zagreb Mosque Choir Arabeske, which resulted in the soundtrack for the film Nafaka of a Bosnian and Herzegovinian director Jasmin Duraković, one rock band and a couple of girls of divine voices continued to explore other possibilities of artistic cooperation.

Davor Sučić, founder of Zabranjeno pušenje, has already been incorporating ilahija – Islamic religious songs – in musical arrangements for his own band. The songs Test za džennet (Test for Heaven) and Lijepa Alma (Pretty Alma) before, and Domovina (Homeland) and Laku noć stari (Good Night, Old Man) after the “film” collaboration with Arabeske, can be regarded as, to use a football analogy, strength trainings for Shaderwan Code – the album that harbours, in just the right proportion, folk tradition of the Western Balkans, Islamic poetics of the Bosnians and Bosnian Muslims, a concept of rock and roll as primarily progressive music open to various music influences, but also a classic jazz sound, which wouldn’t be possible without improvisations of excellent musicians.


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