Srebrenica is turning into a Slaughterhouse, please help!

13616413_1794929847410358_2090358091_oNihad Nino Catic was a journalist.

Every day, through the amateur radio, he informed the public about the suffering in Srebrenica.

Nino reported for the last time on the 10th of July 1995, asking desperately for help for Srebrenica. Nobody helped.

The United Nations handed over the protected zone into the hands of Ratko Mladic. More than 8,000 elderly men and boys were brutally killed.

His mother Hajra recalled that she saw her son for the last time on the 11th of July. He told her: “Mom, you and dad go to Potocari, and I’m going with friends through the woods to Tuzla.” After that, no one ever saw Nino.

Mortal remains of Nino Catic have not been found yet.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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