Srebrenica 360: Virtual Tour of the Memorial Center Potočari 

srebrenicaWalk on the paths of the Memorial Center Potočari – Srebrenica and feel just a part of what the Srebrenica victims experienced at this site which stands as an admonishment to the entire mankind. You can start your tour here.

The project “Srebrenica – Web Museum of Genocide” is intended for everyone, especially for people who did not have an opportunity or will never have an opportunity to come to Srebrenica, visit the Memorial Center and cemetery of genocide victims from 1995. Mothers of Srebrenica who lost their sons, husbands, fathers and other members of families chose the location of their final resting place. Funerals will be held in years to come because it is still being searched for 1.200 missing persons whose remains are hidden in mass and individual graves. The number of 8.372 victims is not final…

Idea about the virtual tour of the Memorial Center was first brought up at the summit of web department in Doha last year, soon after the promotion of the rewarded project Palestine Remix.

Visitors practically open the gates of the Memorial Center, enter and start the tour as if they were there, in Potočari. They have a virtual 360° view, access to the Remembrance Wall and are able to read the names of those who are now gone. They can “walk” on the stone paths that delineate the Flower of Srebrenica, in whose petals the killed people of Srebrenica lay.

When the visitors cross the road, they enter the Museum part, where they can virtually tour the premises of the Dutch Battalion, look at the graffiti they wrote on the walls, and visit the memorial room.

(Source: hayat.ba)

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