Srdjan Puhalo comments on Protests in RS

13219722_1770364209866922_1796288852_nSocial psychologist Srdjan Puhalo from Banja Luka commented on protests in Banja Luka. Puhalo said that no one knows what will happen after this, i.e. whether it will be the end or the protests will continue.

“Although many were afraid, everything went all right. It is quite clear that Republika Srpska is undisputed, but that the antagonism between the government and the opposition is becoming bigger and bigger. It was not possible to hear anything new at the meeting, the government emphasized their statements, and opposition, besides patriotism, also mentioned crime, corruption, nepotism and difficult economic situation,” said Puhalo.

When asked who profited since both the opposition and the government emphasized the satisfaction and success of meetings, Puhalo said he was not sure because “we have not heard anything new.”

“We have not heard anything new, nor have I seen enthusiasm at both sides to continue with the fight. I do not know how the messages of protest will interpret among the citizens of the RS,” said Puhalo.

To recall, meeting of government was held at the Krajina Square in Banja Luka in which the main role was played by the President of the RS, Milorad Dodik. At the same time, supporters of opposition from RS held a protest against the current government in the park “Mladen Stojanovic”. No one said what will happen next, the opposition announced changes, and Dodik strengthening of the government.

(Source: E. S. H./Klix.ba)

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