Srđan Golubović For Sarajevo Times: I Am Deeply Touched With The Sarajevo Premiere of ‘Circles’

03By: Nevena Šarenac

The biggest impression from last night’s premiere of the movie ‘Circles’ was the incredible response from more than 3.000 in the audience, and we are involved in this field for these types of moments, said to Sarajevo Times today Srdan Golubović, the director of ‘Circles’, and that he is still overwhelmed with emotions from last night.

The Sarajevo premiere of the movie ‘Circles’ took place in open cinema Metalac as part of the program Open Air of the Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF).

“I have waited a long time for the premiere of the movie in Sarajevo and I wanted as many people to see it as possible. This is very important to me. I am deeply touched by everything that has happened last night and I had a very personal experience with the Sarajevo premiere of ‘Circles’ at SFF. I can say that I am indescribably happy!’’ said Golubović for our portal.

The film ‘Circles’ was inspired by the story of Srđan Aleksić, a hero from Trebinje, who was killed in his hometown because he tried to save the life of his friend Alen Glavović.

Aleksandar Berček, Leon Lučev, Nebojša Glogovac, Hristina Popović, Nikola Rakočević, Vuk Kostić and Boris Isaković play the main roles in the film.

The film was made as a co-production of Serbia, Craotia, Slovenia, Germany and France. The Croatian producer of the film is Boris T. Matić from the production house Propeler Film, and was co-financed by funds from the Croatian audio-visual Center and Euroimages.

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