Square in front of the National Theater in Sarajevo to be reconstructed?

squareAs previously announced, the Municipality Centar Sarajevo will arrange the square, “Susan Sontag” in front of the National Theater in Sarajevo, while taking in consideration that the theater was declared as the national monument because of its cultural and historical significance, and that it is spatially located in the city center.

Municipality Center will fully fund this project, and the funds have been provided from the budget for 2016.

According to Djenita Bogunic-Keselj, head of the Department of Municipal Affairs in the Municipality Centar, all preparations are done, so that the works could start in October.

“We have taken all necessary activities on the project documentation and obtaining necessary approvals for arrangement of the square. Design concept is completed, which is done by the design house ‘Idea’ Ltd. and submitted for approval to the Institute for Protection of Monuments of the FBiH. We are currently working on the elaboration of the project at the level of the main project. Preliminary design was made on the sketch of the famous architect and urban planner, Professor Juraj Neidhart. According to the preliminary design of arrangement or rehabilitation of the square, bearing in mind that the current panels on the square are very damaged and worn out, paving with granite slabs (different process) of the entire square will be provided as well as sidewalk from Branilaca Sarajeva Street, Obala Kulina Bana and Kulovica Street. Within the project is planned partial expansion of Branilaca Sarajeva Street to the square. Moreover, repair of stairs at the main entrance of the National Theatre will be done as well as setting up of new lighting, benches and billboards,” explained Djenita Bogunic-Keselj.

The project was developed in consultation with relevant institutions for protection of cultural and historical heritage and the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of FBiH.

(Source: klix.ba)

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