Spring Postcard: Legendary Studeni Potok on Bjelasnica

April 24, 2016 10:00 AM

Studeni potokBjelasnica village Umoljani proudly preserves Studeni potok, an oasis of peace and nature, which, according to legend, arose when the dragon tried to swallow the village and its residents.

According to the legend, the dragon headed towards village Umoljani across the valley hidden between the hills. Its body left winding trail in a green valley, which is now filled with crystal clear water. The villagers escaped to a nearby hill, where they asked God to save them from the monster. Their prayers were answered, and the dragon remained petrified on the hill above the valley.

Studeni potok is scenery that is taking breath away to many hikers and nature lovers who find peace here and they are interrupted only by the gentle murmur of water and chirping of birds.

The shortest way to the stream leads through Gradina, shepherd settlement above Umoljani. After climbing the hill above the spring isa view of the valley intersected by winding riverbed that is filled with cold mountain water.

Studeni potok ends its path in the canyon of Rakitnica, which formed a few hundred meters high waterfall that can see only the boldest and most skillful hikers.

The path to Umoljani leads over spring Sedrenik, where mills are located . Mosque with a stone minaret, the only one on Bjelasnica that survived last war, welcomes tired returnees from Lukomir and Studeni potok at the beginning of the village.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)




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