Sprind prepared Packages for socially endangered Categories

February 29, 2016 6:30 PM

12784560_1116070798443875_1359583891_nThe Sarajevo food industry Sprind will donate 200 packages to socially endangered population on the occasion of the Independence Day of BiH. The gift packages will contain quality Sprind products from the category of bread and pastries such as the Bavarian bread, Ilidžanska rosa, pastries with ginger, Troko and Panino pastries, Slanci, Tost, Rajlovačko pecivo and other products.

According to the founder of the association Pomozi.ba Elvir Karalić, these two hundred packages will be sufficient for the needs of around 1.000 people, because some socially vulnerable families have up to eleven members, of which some are ill. A part of the donation (140 packages) will be donated to the Association of Blind Persons in Zenica and to the home addresses of disabled, elderly and feeble persons in Sarajevo. The remaining packages will be distributed in Sarajevo today.

Company Sprind wants to say to the fellow citizens who are currently under this socially vulnerable category that they are not forgotten, Sprind thinks about them. This donation will be given on the occasion of the Independence Day so that this category of population would also experience some joy on that day. As a member of AS Group, Sprind wishes to congratulate the Independence Day to all citizens of BiH.

(Source: nap.ba)

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