Sportsmen returned to BiH with Ten Golden Medals from Paralympic Games in Abu Dhabi

Sportsmen from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), who won ten medals at the Paralympic Games in Abu Dhabi, held from 14th until 21st March, are welcomed on Friday in Tuzla.

Nermina Mujic, professor and coach of children at the Special Olympics children are brave and do not seek permission, but they win. With courage, determination, smiles and joy.

Mujic states that there were lots of emotions while children were winning the first place.

“Me, as a coach, cannot be happier when I see the bravery with which my children train, they put sweat and tears in their training and in the result and when those same tears and sweat turn into joy at the goals they conquer. Their names should be well remembered. They are wearing the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina, “she said.

At the special Olympics in Abu Dhabi the medals were won by Milada Elez, 3rd place tennis, Irfan Kulić won two silver medals, Ena Čatović, 3rd place swimming, Njegoš Mihajlović, athletics, 3rd place, Hiba Sultanović, Athletics 3. place, Snežana Džida, athletics 1st place – long jump 3rd place, Hasan Sejdinović, athletics, 1st place, Women’s football UNIFIED 1st place and Zlatan Horo, swimming, 5th place.

(Source: Federal News Agency)

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