Spite of the RBiH Army through the Lens of AFP Reporters (gallery)

[wzslider]Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been formed under extremely hard conditions which were witnessed by foreign news agencies.

At a time when Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. the biggest part of its territory, was occupied by the Yugoslav army – at the small free area, various military formation united and created the unique army that, as time passed, became a big threat for plans of aggressor army.

On the 15th of April, 1992, the only internationally recognized military force at the territory of our country – Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been formed.

Agencies such as France-Presse witnessed to its growing, whose photographers and photojournalist sent to the world the picture of the BH resistance in the form of young boys in sneakers and jeans.

Georges Gobet, Mike Persson, Christophe Simon, Pascal Guyot and Andre Durand are just some of photographers who immortalized the spite and the fight of Bosnian men who hadn’t hoped that 1992 will be the year of trenches, broken windows, burnt dwellings, destroyed lives and the glory that will follow fallen soldiers into the eternity.

(Source: klix.ba)


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