Speeding Races: Speed Lovers to compete on the Runway in Mostar (VIDEO)

The auto-moto club Extreme from Mostar organized a spectacle on the runway of the Mostar Airport – speeding races on 402 meters, as well as other attractions for car lovers.

The organizers were very happy to see columns of cars coming from all parts of the region.

“It is the same as in football, everything gets easier once the ball is moved from the center, and everything goes according to plan. We are having training and races, later we will have the meeting of drivers, qualifications, as well as pro and secondary class until 6:30 PM when we have the end of the competition and the awarding ceremony. Tomorrow everything starts from the beginning,” said Josko Ambruz, one of the organizers, who added that more than 90 cars were registered and that they are waiting for another 50 cars for the next day.

One of the favorites of the main race is Tomislav Kresevac from Zagreb, who is driving the Fiat Tipo with 410 hp.

“My car has the strongest start in the Balkans, and it speeds up to 100 in 2.2 seconds. I am expecting to be in the finals and we will see then who is faster, me or a colleague who drives a similar car,” said Kresevac, noting that he invested about 8, 000 EUR in his car.

Take a look at the race in the video.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba)





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