Special Presentation of British Documentary Movie “Justice in Action”

britanski ambasador slike 5The award-winning British documentary film “Justice in Action” will be specially presented today at 12:00 in Sarajevo’s Art Kino Kriterion.

“Justice in Action” won the ward for best international documentary film at the People’s Film Festival 2013.

Award-winning British producer of documentary movies Fiona Ljoyd-Davies, in cooperation with students from the London Mulberry School for Girls recorded a 60 minute film on justice in post-conflict B&H.

Six girls came to Sarajevo with Fiona in order to record their first meeting with survivors from Sarajevo and Srebrenica. They visited some of the war locations and spoke with victims and their families that are looking for justice. They then went to the Hague in order to attend the trial of Radovan Karadžić, and they interview Chief Prosecutor Brammertz and Karadžić’s lawyer.

The girls from the Mulberry school investigated the role of justice, the path towards peace and reconciliation, and the role that they have in the lives of the survivors.

Fiona Lloyd-Davies first came to Sarajevo during the war in July 1992. She worked there during and after the war for BBC, Channel 4 and Al-Jazeera English.

Before the start of the screening the guests will be addressed by British Ambassador to B&H Nigel Casey, announced the British Embassy to B&H.

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