Spars Basketball Team Again This Year at Junior Euroleague Qualification Tournament

sparsSpars basketball team will be the only representative this year as well of B&H at the junior Euroleague qualification tournament that will be held from 27-29 December in Rome.

At the “Città di Roma” tournemnt, which will be held in “Altero Felici” arena, the following Italian teams will participate: Stellazzurra Basketball Academy Rome, Vitrus Siena, Virtus Roma i Armani Junior Milan, and then Bayern from Germany, Cibona from Croatia, Cajasol Sevilla from Spain and Spars from B&H.

Last year, Spars were the winners of this qualification tournament, for which they then participated at the final tournament NIJT in London of this year.

The winner of this year’s tournament will qualify for the final Euroleague junior tournament that will be held in Milan from 15-18 May 2014.

The placement games are scheduled for the final day of the tournament, on 29 December.

(Source: Fena)

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