Spa Resort in Fojnica more visited than Neum?

The famous Reumal spa resort exists for years, and it occupies the surface of 60,000 square meters with the thermal water underneath. One hundred years ago, visitors to this healing spa, as they called it, believed that healing waters were a miracle, and Fojnica is today more visited than the only coastal city of Neum, because of its thermal water and other beauties.

Every year, Reumal records 150 to 160 thousand overnight stays. Most of the tourists are coming from Arab countries, Croatia and Slovenia. However, the most important fact is that people are returning to this institution for years, and they still exist thanks to their regular guests. Younger generations, athletes and families prefer to spend an annual vacation in Reumal than at sea in recent years, due to convenience and quality service.

“There is a wide range of people coming to Reumal from other countries. Tourists from Arab countries love it here because of the weather and climate. They are grateful guests and they stay for few months. Since the year of 2013, Reumal developed some other tourist offers that are not related to health. We also offer recreation, relaxation, wellness, and spa,” explained Mersida Burekovic, PR of the Reumal.

Patients who, due to various illnesses, come to Reumal for treatment, receive complete care. The facility has a total of 530 beds in two buildings, and the new hospital includes three specialized departments for Neuro-Rehabilitation, Children Rehabilitation, and Cardiovascular Diseases, in which patients are monitored 24 hours a day.

“We can say that we are very proud of being one of the few in BiH who offer these forms of rehabilitation,” stated Burekovic.

Everyone who visits Reumal can enjoy a variety of contents, from swimming in the indoor and outdoor pools, relaxing in the Jacuzzi, massage tubs with thermo-mineral water, kneipp baths with hot and cold water chambers, cosmetic treatments, saunas and much more.

Not just because of the thermal water, but also because of beautiful nature, greenery, landscapes and very favorable geographic position, Fojnica became a favorite base for tourists who want to see the beauty of BiH. Almost 400 workers are working on providing the best possible service to visitors who recognized the quality of Reumal. At the end, Burekovic said that “satisfied guests are our biggest advertising”.

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