Sovereignty of BiH is Condition for Preserving Peace in the Country, Region and beyond

Mirko PejanovicSovereignty, integrity and international legal personality of BiH, founded on the Dayton Peace Agreement, is a prerequisite and condition of preservation of peace in BiH. And not only peace in BiH, but also peace in the region and elsewhere in Europe, said Prof. Dr. Mirko Pejanovic.

A member of the wartime Presidency of BiH stated that with the Dayton Peace Agreement peace in BiH is protected and built on the power of involvement of the international community – through the High Representative of the international community, the Special Representative of the European Union as well as the democratic civic BH forces that are for peaceful development of BiH.

“The political project of secession of the RS from BiH which is advocated and led by Milorad Dodik, the President of the RS, directly threatens the peace in BiH. The project also threatens the provisions of the Dayton Peace Agreement that guaranteed the sovereignty and integrity of the state of BiH. The existence of the state of BiH and the existence of the RS as a part of it is denied with the destruction of the sovereignty and integrity of BiH,” said Prof. Pejanovic.

He emphasizes that open threat to peace in BiH was imposed on the 9th of January 2017 at a ceremony of marking the Day of the RS with the announcement of secession of the RS from BiH, and it must be sanctioned by the OHR, the PIC, the EU Special Representative in BiH and the democratic civic forces in BiH.

“If the High Representative of international community Valentin Inzko cannot stop the secession of the RS and the collapse of the existence of the state of BiH and peace in it, then he needs to step down from his position. At the same time, if the Presidency of BiH cannot stop the destabilization of the political situation in BiH and if it cannot achieve consensus in performing the role of civilian command of the Armed Forces, it should, in the interests of preserving peace, to step down and allow civil democratic forces to fight for peace in BiH and its accelerated integration into the EU and NATO,” stated Prof. Pejanovic.

The attempt of collapsing of legal role and organization of unique Armed Forces of BiH, he said, is only the first phase of the complete destruction of the institutions of BiH.

“No one who cares about peace cannot stand aside in relation to the nationalist project of the destruction of BiH. Because this project is leading to conflicts and war,” he said.

He warns that the nationalist rhetoric of Milorad Dodik, the President of RS, is not and cannot be treated only as an attempt for homogenization of the electorate body in the RS in order to remain in power and get the elections of 2018.

“The rhetoric of Milorad Dodik is much more than that. It is an expression of the political project of destruction of the state of BiH. Therefore, this kind of rhetoric must be stopped under the authority of the international community and the EU in the implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement. It must be stopped by the action of democratic civic forces that are for peace and integrity of BiH. In the interest of citizens to live in peace should be adopted a universal attitude that not Milorad Dodik nor anyone who threatens the peace and violation of the Dayton Peace Agreement cannot remain in public political function in the state of BiH,” concluded Prof. Pejanovic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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