Solve Key Problems in B&H With Dialogue

Lagumdzija ReekerThe President of the Social-Democratic Party (SDP B&H) Zlatko Lagumdžija met yesterday in Sarajevo with the Deputy Assistant Chief of US Diplomacy Philip Reeker.

At the meeting they spoke of the current political situation in B&H, with a particular emphasis on the importance of solving key issues, such as the implementation of the Sejdić- Finci ruling and the issue of military property, which are required conditions for the beginning of the implementation of the Membership Action Plan.

Lagumdžija spoke to Reeker of flexibility within clear principles that SDP accepted, such as the indirect election of the member of the B&H Presidency, to talk about the direct election model as a possibility, and all of this due to the importance of moving towards the EU.

They paid special attention to possible models for resolving the issue of military property, and agreed that it is unnecessary and unproductive for B&H to continue to delay in fulfilling the obligation for the clear path towards membership in NATO.

Philip Reeker is familiar with the set of anti-corruption laws that came in front of the FBiH Parliament at SDP’s initiative, as well as plans for future activities that would have a reflection on the economy, which is primarily related to infrastructure projects and projects in the energy sector.

At the end of the meeting, they expressed the importance for a prompt dialogue that would lead to a solution of key problems, and Lagumdžija thanked Reeker for the support of the US towards B&H on its path to joining the EU and NATO, announced the Center for Information of SDP B&H.

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