Solemn Session of the City Council held on the occasion of the Day of Sarajevo

April 7, 2018 2:00 PM

The solemn session of the City Council was held last night in the City Hall on the occasion of April 6, the Day of Sarajevo, and it was started with paying tributes to the killed soldiers and martyrs, as well as the civilian victims of war.

“While other cities have their patrons and saints, Sarajevo has a truly fateful connection with this date. April 6 is fateful for this city,” stated Chairman of the City Council of the City of Sarajevo, Igor Gavric.

He recalled that 26 years ago, on April 6, a total of 60,000 people in the square of BiH protested and said “no”, which resulted in 1,425 days long siege, which ended with the death of 11,500 citizens.

“This “no” of our citizens resulted in the saddest gardens of roses in the world, where 1,601 roses were planted as a symbol of respect for the innocent sacrifice and as a permanent warning to everyone of what is the price for human stupidity. That was the reason why 50,000 citizens got wounded, and why 35,000 objects were destroyed,” stated Chairman Gavric.

He also recalled that Sarajevo was brutally bombed and occupied by Nazi-Fascist forces, but freedom came back to Sarajevo on April 6, 73 years ago, and the idea of anti-fascism won and spread over the streets of Sarajevo.

Sarajevo became the administrative, cultural, scientific and economic center of BiH.

“Today, Sarajevo got its old symbol – the cable car, and Trebevic will come back to the city again,” stated Gavric, and thanked the couple Opherman Edi and Maja who initiated the spark which led to everything that was achieved today.










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