Sociologist Jusuf Ziga speaks on Analysis of BiH Society

jusufThe protests held in Zagreb on June 1 gathered around 50.000 people who wanted reforms in the education system of Croatia.

Analysts assessed that it is still not possible to gather such a mass in BiH, even around such important issues such as education. Two neighboring countries, very visible differences.

Sociologist Jusuf Žiga explained that the BiH society is still not politically mature. More time must pass before citizens start asking for results of the political leaders and punishing them for inactivity. People in BiH are still under stress, politically unstable, and politicians use that.

“Only when the decision-makers realize that they will suffer consequences for their actions, changes in the society will take place. As long as we voluntarily show that they can humiliate us, of course that those who have power will take advantage of that benefit. It is illusionary to expect that they will give up on that out of some personal moral reasons,” Žiga said.

In Žiga’s opinion, the problem is in individuals. Citizens in BiH still have some sort of wrong convincement that they cannot change anything. Žiga believes this is entirely wrong way of thinking.

“Not a single mammoth drop falls from the sky and floods the land. Billions of small drops fall, and make a torrent,” Žiga said. That is why it is necessary that the society in BiH wakes up; or at least the majority of that society. Someone has to start encouraging changes.

Žiga added that throughout the world there are such societies in which a sports coach resigns on his own after a lost match. He does not wait to be punished by citizens or the club management, and BiH is very far from that.

(Source: nap.ba/photo: novovrijeme)

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