SNSD launched an advertising Campaign with the Aim of promoting the Idea of peaceful Separation in BiH

In the light of recent political developments in our region, prompted by Slovenian non-paper on “completing the separation of the former Yugoslavia”, Milorad Dodik’s party SNSD has launched an advertising campaign that is promoting peaceful separation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Namely, they used the platform Youtube to place several two-minute videos, in which they give “arguments” as to why a peaceful separation of BiH is the best option for everyone and paid so that is is shown as an advertisement to the users of this online platform.

Such advertisements come at a time when the region is talking about redrawing the borders so that three large states (Croatia, Serbia, and Albania) are formed, and three states would disappear (BiH, Montenegro, and North Macedonia). Such a scenario is shown in the non-paper that Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa sent to Brussels.

In one of the videos, Milorad Dodik convinces that, as he says, due to the “non-functionality of BiH, peaceful separation is the best medicine” and notes that it is the possible option.

Some of the messages sent by SNSD propaganda videos are: “Independent RS has today become a solution that is increasingly talked about around the world”, “Accepting the idea of our independence in important places around the world is proof of the victory of our people’s will over all previous impositions “and” Peaceful separation is the only solution for this kind of BiH.”

In another video, Radovan Kovacevic, SNSD spokesman, states that BiH is a source of frustration and claims that the European Union (EU) also recognizes that this country is “untenable and impossible.”

Considering that the video is shown to users as a paid advertisement, it is obvious that the goal is to negatively present Sarajevo to the citizens, which loudly opposed the Slovenian non-paper, but also to misrepresent the position of the international community on the existence of BiH.

Clearly, there is no support of the international community or the region for such ideas, considering that Aleksandar Vucic does not want to raise this topic as a potential scenario, but this does not prevent SNSD from launching a public campaign that represents this idea to Serbs as something good, Klix.ba writes.


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