Snowkiting down below the Vran Mountain

Snowkiting is a new winter sport where you do not need a cable car or tracks, it is managed by a dragon with the power of wind that pulls snowkiters on a snowboard or skis over snow covered meadows.

This is how skiing and snowboarding got a new dimension. Each snowy flat surface, downhill or uphill becomes a polygon for fun and pleasure. This sport is not replacing skiing or snowboarding – it only completes it.

An aggressive freestyle ride is combining elements of snowboarding and ski freestyle, wakeboarding and kiteboarding. New opportunities for driving on all snowy terrains, thanks to the dragon and the wind, open a new chapter of freeride.

Walking through the Blidinje Nature Park, a visitor down below the Vran Mountain was noticed enjoying snowkiting, or snowsurfing. We hope that this sport will be even more popular in this area because Blidinje has a great potential for this type of freeride sport.


(Source: Akta.ba)

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