Snow on Bjelasnica Mountain gathered Numerous Visitors

This weekend, snow whitened Bjelasnica Mountain and many winter lovers gathered to spend time in this mountains enjoying the many joys of winter.

The winter season has not officially started yet, and the height of the snow is not enough, but fans can enjoy sledding.

However, judging by the photos, it did not affect the mood of the visitors who decided to use Saturday to spent time with family or friends at this air spa.

It is also interesting that the boys decided to play football on one of the fields on Bjelasnica, which is completely covered with snow, while the others decided to explore this area.

There are also those who stopped at nearby stalls to buy tea to warm up or some of the homemade products. According to the latest information, it is currently minus 10 degrees Celsius on Bjelasnica, which is a low enough temperature that the snow does not melt and that the citizens fully enjoy this mountain not far from Sarajevo, writes.

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