Snow Drifts towards Lukomir up to Four meters High

April 10, 2015 12:45 PM

lukomir1 (1)During the summer, there is around 3,000 sheep and cows in pens and stables in 15 households, in Lukomir.

As this year’s winter arrived ‘’late’’ in Lukomir , it will “go away” late as well, since the layers of snow are up to four meters high, said Mujo Masleša, who visited the village a few days ago.

‘’Last Saturday, my cousin Ahmed and I went to the village walking from the Umoljani through Crveni klanac, but on Sunday when the new snow fell, we had to go back through the canyon of Rakitnica. We went out in Lukomir thanks to ice cores that are caught on the surface of the deep snow. Last year in March I came by car to the village, because there was no snow’’, says Mujo.

No matter that amount of snow is enormous, and probably, as he says, will remain for another two months, residents of Lukomir, who spent the winter in Tarčin, Hadžići and Vlakovo, will have to return to the village by the end of April due to cattle grazing.

LUKOMIR - NAJPUSTIJE MJESTO U BiHThis is the fourth winter that 22 houses in the village Lukomir, Bjelašnica stay locked from November to April or May. This winter came later this year in Lukomir, in late December, and a few locals remained in the village until the New Year.

At 1,495 meters above sea level, Lukomir is the only village in B&H settled over 1300 meters above sea level and inhabited. It is the last real Bosnian village with houses made of stone covered with shingles.

In summer there are 22 houses in Lukomir, and on the rich pastures of Bjelašnica there is up to 4000 sheep.

From spring to late autumn hikers, cyclists, motorcyclists and tourists are coming to Lukomir to enjoy the view of canyon of Rakitnica, and the view goes back to the “Mostar door” and Prenj, Visočica, Krvavca, Oblj.

The stećak tombstones from the 14th and 15th centuries in Lukomir are indicating that this area was inhabited 600 years ago. In all the brochures for rural tourism Lukomir is among the top destinations. The movies “Silent Gunpowder” and “The sky above the landscape” were filmed here.


(Source: photo abcportal)


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