Smaller Cities in BiH have what to offer to Finicky Guests as well!

Smaller environments in B&H have so much to offer to the domestic and foreign tourist, but they have to come to finicky guests by using the modern means of promotion, but also with an interesting offer.

Jasmina Koleman, the representative of the Organization for the development of the tourism of Doboj region said that this region has so much to offer to tourists, but that accommodation capacities need to be redesigned.

“Foreign tourists want to get a domestic atmosphere, hospitality, and that is something that is specific for our country“, said Koleman.

Organization for the development of the tourism of Doboj region is realizing a project “How to create a successful business for women from the excess of a living space“, which is participated by 38 smaller municipalities in B&H.

Municipality Ljubinje is small environment in Herzegovina with a lot of tourist potential, as stated by Milica Lukic from the Tourist organization, but it was not yet recognized and fully utilized.

“We are at the crossroad, we are close to the sea, tourists are our everyday guests, but that potential was not recognized, but we hope we will succeed“, emphasized Lukic.

Travnik is better positioned at the tourist map due to the closeness of mountain Vlasic.

“We have an old houses that can be rented, and we also have a large potential at the mountain Vlasic on Babanovac, we have a lot of apartments and hotels“, said Elma Pruzan, an expert associate for the economy of the municipality Travnik.

Kalinovik can offer eco-tourism, hunting, fishing, photo-safari, as Olja Veletic, the director of the Tourist organization of this municipality said, but it is necessary to motivate citizens to include and offer their homes to tourists.


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