Slovenian Collector Company starts its Production in Prijedor in February

Director of CCL Collector for Republika Srpska, Predrag Zoric, said that they have a plan to start the production in Prijedor in early February 2019.

“We have already made the first steps, we have people that we hired and we sent them to the training in Slovenia, and we expect the realization of a big project already in March, which will definitely lead to greater workers employment,” said Zoric.

Contractors will be Unijat M from Prijedor and Komotin from Jajce, the deadline for the construction of one of the three halls for the needs of the Slovenian CCL Collector, is February 4th, 2019, with an investment of 1.318.000 BAM.

Mayor of Prijedor Milenko Dakovic, said that 500 employees were expected to be hired, the town administration said.

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