Slobodanka Omerovic is among One Percent of People in the World!

Slobodanka Omerović, who was born in Smederevska Palanka and has been living in Zenica for years, recently conducted an IQ examination which officially made her a member of Mensa BiH. She achieved a result which can only be achieved by one percent of world population.

Slobodanka says that already as a child she showed giftedness in school, since everything went well for her.

“I was able to learn all subject matter with ease. I participated in competitions in physics, mathematics, geography… Physical education was the only subject I struggled with,” says Omerović.

Since she was winning first places in all competitions and was among the best students in school, everyone thought of her as a wunderkind.

She conducted her first IQ examination at the age of 14, when she attended first grade of the high school. Then she achieved the score of 135, which is also above average. She did not test herself again after that, but she continued training her brain. She read a lot, solved crosswords, difficult tasks and equations…

In the meantime, she graduated from university, she has almost completed her master studies, and she works as an instructor in her language school “Linguateam”. Several days ago she saw an advertisement for an online IQ examination on Facebook.

“I accidentally saw the post by Mensa. When I finished the test, my results said that my IQ is between 140 and 160. I was invited to come to Sarajevo for another test. Several days later, I received the results which say that my IQ is 156. Being among one percent of people in the world feels very special,” says Omerović.

Mensa BiH stated that they do not have the information about how many above-average intelligent people live in BiH.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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