Skocibusic: Hundreds of Thousands of Vaccines will not be destroyed

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country with less than 10 percent of those vaccinated and a growing number of those infected, the vaccines will be destroyed instead used for immunization. But it is not about 400,000 doses, as it was said earlier, claims Sinisa Skocibusic, senior Director of the Institute of Public Health of the Federation.

He says that the expiration of something does not mean that he will throw himself away.

“Of these 319,000, we will divide 225,000 as the second dose by October 31, so we will have about 100,000 doses left that we will be able to use both as the first and as the second, because we now have eight weeks until the end of that period, and a revaccination of four to six. So, there will be, but not hundreds of thousands,” Skocibusic points out.

The deadline for 340,183 doses of vaccines against Covid-19 expires next month in the Federation of BiH, the FBiH Institute of Public Health announced.

If not used in time, 319,390 AstraZeneca, 19,536 Pfizers and 1,257 Sinovac. The second contingent of vaccines, which expires in November, is 25,170 AstraZeneca and 10,530 Pfizer, while in December the date expires for another 64,350 vaccines.

The director of the Republika Srpska Institute of Public Health, Branislav Zeljkovic, said more than 55,000 AstraZeneca vaccines had already expired in RS.

Their deadline expired at the end of July and August, and now destruction is being prepared.

“We must not forget that the period for revaccination of AstraZeneca with the vaccine is 90 days or 12 weeks, and the vaccines that came to us through the donation had a shelf life of 30 to 60 days,” Zeljkovic said.

Nearly three million vaccines have arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the COVAX and EU4HEALTH mechanisms, as well as through donations and direct procurement from the two entities.

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