Ski Season on Jahorina Mountain officially opened

In the afternoon hours, a system of artificial snowing started working on Jahorina Mountain. From Sunday, Jahorina Mountain will become a place where snow and skiing are guaranteed, and this mountain will provide, for the first time in history, a total of 120 days of skiing.

Director of the Jahorina Olympic Center Dejan Ljevnaic said that the system for artificial snowing and mobile cannons that are used are currently the number one in the world.

“Only a system for artificial snow is not a guarantee of good work and success. We have been working, during the whole summer, on the preparation of the slopes, the construction of new and reconstruction of the existing ones that had to be done according to the FIS standards,” Ljevnaic stated.

The Jahorina Olympic Center was the first in the region to open a winter skiing season and all visitors have until December 16th a discount of 70%, paying the daily ticket price 13,20 BAM.

The six-seater Poljice for the panorama ride is currently in operation, as well as Poljice ski-lift and ski-school Poljice for the youngest skiers.

The snow level on the slopes is between 15 and 30 centimeters, prepared in combination with natural and artificial snow.

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