Six Thousand People walking towards Potocari

Around six thousand participants of this year’s Peace March departed from Nezuk to Potocari on an almost 100-kilometer-long path, with the aim to attend the collective funeral and the burial of the victims of Srebrenica genocide that will take place in the Memorial Center on July 11.

A large number of people of Srebrenica did not manage to get to the end of the so called “Path of Salvation” during the break-in on the free territory in 1995, and participants of this year’s Peace March will pass the same route within the next few days.

All the groups that departed from several parts of BiH in the previous couple of days gathered in Nezuk. Among this year’s participants is Umija Sulejmanovic from Potocari, who went from her hometown to Visoko in one of the trucks together with her mother and sister back in 1995.

Her father and brother went on “the Path of Salvation”, but they were captured and taken to the concentration camp where they were killed later on. Their remains were found seven years ago, and they found their eternal peace in the Memorial Center in Potocari.

Unlike the previous years, this year’s participants will pass the original route of the Path of Salvation for the first time, since members of the Federal Administration for Civil Protection, the Armed Forces of BiH and the United States Embassy in our country cleared the path from landmines.

“We have around six thousand participants this year, and weather conditions are not really favourable. Therefore, we have to be especially careful. We have introduced some changes to the trail and we returned some parts of the original trail from 1995. The trail is around 13 kilometers long and it is very difficult and demanding. There is also a story about the fall of Bukva, i.e. the ambush of column that was moving from Srebrenica, in which we lost almost a thousand people in one day,” said Munib Habibovic, the vice president of the subcommittee of the Peace March 2018.

(Source: A. K./Klix.ba)




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