Six Thousand Participants in the Peace March departed to Srebrenica!

July 8, 2019 1:30 PM

Some 6,000 participants in Peace March started this morning from Nezuk, and will arrive in Liplje today afternoon.

Munir Habibovic, President of the Subcommittee for Peace March, said in a telephone statement to the Patria News Agency that all participants were healthy and ready for the march. Even though last night was very bad, Habibovic says the route is passable.

Participants will walk the following parts: Nezuk – Baljkovica – Parlog – Crni Vrh – Snagovo – Liplje – Jošanica – Donje Kamenica – Bakrači – Glodi – Udrč – Cerska – Kaldrmica – Đugum – Mravinjci – Burnice – Kameničko Brdo – Ravni Buljim – Budak – Potocari (Memorial Center). They will walk three days, about 30 kilometers a day, on very demanding terrain.

Participants will have the opportunity to attend shorter historic lessons, visit sites where mass executions of captured Bosniaks and mass graves were found.

The arrival of participants of Peace March in Potocari is expected on July 10th in the afternoon.


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