What is the Situation on the Roads Today?

snowExtremely low morning temperatures this morning in BiH created ice on the roads, thus the drivers are advised to be very cautious.

Teams of road services are on the field but due to the low temperatures the action of spreading material is slowed down.

There is trodden snow on roads in the higher mountain regions, including routes: Kupres – Tomislavgrad, Livno – Tomislavgrad, Livno – Glamoc – Mrkonjic Grad, Kljuc – Bosanski Petrovac – Bihac and Bosanski Petrovac – Drvar, where strong wind creates new snow loads.

The southern regions of the country are warned on particularly strong blows. Drivers are advised to be more careful and to adjust their driving to road conditions.

Border crossing Deleusa (Bileca – Niksic) is closed for trucks. Considering that in Montenegro is forbidden the movement of trucks with trailers and lorries on the share Scepan Polje – Pluzine – Niksic, for these vehicles is not recommended to use BC Hum. Retentions are not longer than 30 minutes on the other border crossings.

Works on Croatian territory are still present at border crossings Bosanski Brod – Slavonski Brod and Orasje – Zupanja, so that traffic at these crossings is slowed down, as announced from BIHAMK.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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