Sirbegovic Ltd.:Revenues grew by 108% in the First Five Months

Sirbegovic companyThe company Sirbegovic Inzinjering d.o.o Gracanica recorded a revenue growth of 108% in the first five months of 2015, compared to the same period in 2014. By adjusting the business strategy to market conditions and the constant improvement of the product and service quality, the leading BH brand in the construction industry is continuing its expansion at the market of the Western Balkans.

“In the previous period, we agreed new jobs in Croatia, Serbia and B&H, and thus established the foundation for taking a leading role at the regional market of RC (reinforced concrete) structures. We are glad that we, besides companies in the commercial sector with which we cooperate with for many years, have established a cooperation with strong construction companies as well. Most important thing is that those companies recognized us as a reliable partner. We are currently negotiating for several projects in Slovenia and Macedonia. That gives us a great optimism, but also an obligation to justify the trust given to us by our customers“, stated from this company, emphasizing that the main goal is to produce constructions of the highest quality with taking into account all requirements of customers.

The standards of quality that are valid in the EU are an integral part of the production and they work with them even at markets  at which they are not required to be applied.


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