SIPA published Information on the Number of BH Citizens on the foreign Battlefields

February 1, 2018 2:00 PM

Influential foreign media, and some domestic and foreign officials in the past period were pointing out that there are illegal military camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), and that the potential danger is also represented by persons who stayed on foreign battlefields, and then returned to BiH.

Special attention was paid to the association “Srpska cast”, for which the security agencies in BiH confirmed at the beginning of this year that they are working toward forming a paramilitary formation in BH entity Republika Srpska (RS). But for now, they have not recorded any illegal military trainings of any kind in BiH.

This information was confirmed at the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA). In this agency said that, according to the existing operational data, about 296 BH citizens may be connected with departure, return and participation on foreign battlefields.

“Upon returning to BiH, the majority of persons who stayed on foreign battlefields were subject to SIPA processing, since they pose a certain security risk, given the possibility that they might come into contact with some forbidden groups or terrorist organizations during their stay on foreign battlefields, “ SIPA pointed out.

They add that persons from BiH stayed on foreign battlefields such as: Syria, Iraq and Ukraine, and considering the possible existence of military camps in BiH, they point out:

“We are informing you that SIPA has no knowledge that there are illegal centers or camps for the military trainings of such persons in the territory of BiH.”

Minister of Security of BiH, Dragan Mektic, recently stated that there were cases of the departure of children from the RS, to attend the military training in Russia, and commenting on the state of security in the Federation of BiH, Mektic said that in this entity, radicalism, extremism and persons who initiate conflicts are present. He also pointed out that the general security situation in BiH is not good.





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