SIPA Police seized Four Hundred Kilograms of Skunk Drug


Conducting jointly coordinated action, the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia-Herzegovina and State Investigation and Protection Agency found around 400 kilograms of narcotic drug “skunk” in a company in the Gornji Vakuf.

The value of narcotic drugs in the illegal drug market in the European Union countries reaches the value of millions of BAM.

One suspect was imprisoned in the action. The premises of the company are blocked and supervised by a special unit of SIPA, and searches continue throughout the day, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH stated in the press release.

The action is the result of a months-long investigation conducted by the BiH Prosecutor’s Office and SIPA.

The Prosecutor of the Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption is in the field and manages the work of police officers involved in the action.



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