SIPA imprisoned Three Suspects for Abuse of Official Position

Acting on the order of a prosecutor from the Special Department for Organised Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption, SIPA police officers, together with police officers from the Posavina Canton Ministry of Interior and the Brčko District Police, searched and imprisoned the three suspects.

Persons deprived of their liberty are under investigation by the Special Department of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, and are suspected of taking money as illegal property gain in the capacity of authorised officials, veterinary inspectors at the BiH border, in order to let certain products of animal origin and products intended for animal nutrition pass into BiH without carrying out examination and procedures.

The investigation showed that the mentioned inspectors, who work within the Veterinary Office of BiH and are obliged to implement veterinary and health protection measures when goods are imported into Bosnia and Herzegovina, received money from carriers in order to abuse their official position and allow their import into BiH without carrying out a legally prescribed procedure.

The suspects will be handed over to the case prosecutor within the legal deadline, who will examine them and then make a decision on further activities in the case.

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